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Bring out the best you.

Wedding Flair - Standing out and being YOU.

Filming a wedding is so much more then getting the right shot or having the best sound. It's about you! You will spend more time with your couple then they will with eachother on their wedding day and let's face it you don't know them, and they dont know you. So let's build on this. Let's make your USP you.. We will bring out all your key elements within wedding film and building your brand, reputation and personal image within the industry.

So who is this for?

Anyone that's wanting to build on their business, learn the elements of finding leads turning them into bookings and filming a wedding to tell their story in ways that will showcase your talent.

And what do you get?

Access to all our video for as long as you need them. An online Community for learning and developing key skills. one-to-one coaching calls and Q and A sessions.

What will be in the course?

  • Starting your business/ Finding the right business path for you.
  • Learning the power of your image and brand.
  • Working on your key market audience and how to turn this into bookings.
  • Your USP.
  • Editing skills that will bring down the back log!
  • Telling your couples story.
  • Branching out in off seasons or dry spells.
  • Networking and building a loyal fan base.

But wait there's more (can't beat a bit of TV infomercial hype!)

So much more we will create content for you by you! Using the Q and A sessions.

About me

My key skills are strongly in customer focused services. Having worked with the UK's leading airline in innovation and customer satisfation, I built a set of skills that took me all over the world and providing hundreds of clients, sports

personalities, celebrities and people like you and I with award winning customer service or as I like to call it flair. I fast learned that we all strive for the same things when it comes to building a relationship with a business or supplier. To be heard and understood. To feel Unique and to be remembered.

Fast forward to today and the same skills are used in every interaction with our couples, venues and other suppliers here at BLOC. I have filmed over 350 weddings in our 9 years in the Industry, won awards seen the hardest moment in my business and been fortunate to have filmed in some amazing destinations for some amazing people. 

"A Couple ultimitly buys into YOU so be the best you and your wedding films will do the rest"     Nick Williamson