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A Magical Journey to Happily Ever After

In the enchanting month of May 2023, Nick and the BLOC team embarked on unforgettable adventures, in fact we write this while flying from Gatwick to our next star-studded Californian destination wedding for a french fairytale wedding. Until that blog we start amid the glits and the glitter of a bustling young movie town in the height of its golden age... (wait that's the script from Tower of Terror). For Nick, combining his passion for filming weddings with the wonder of Walt Disney World made this experience truly magical. As we reflect on Connor's first trip to Orlando, let us delve into the captivating story of Connor and Caite's extraordinary Disney wedding.

To ensure we were well-rested for the big day, Nick and the BLOC team arrived in Orlando two days prior to the wedding. However, filming commenced the next day when Nick undertook the exhilarating task of capturing footage from all four Disney parks. His adventure led him to Disney's Animal Kingdom to see birds in flight and amazing nature all around and later that day to Disney's Hollywood Studios, where he immersed himself in the wonder, showbiz, glamour and history.

The wedding day itself was a true reflection of the dedication Nick and BLOC will go to in creating unforgettable moments for their couples. Nick not only collected the wedding cake for Connor and Caite but also transformed into their fairytale carriage ride. The ceremony took place against the breathtaking backdrop of the lush Floridian landscape, adorned with vibrant flowers and magnificent trees. The Luxmore Grand Estate, with its grand symmetrical architecture and towering white pillars, stood as a majestic venue unlike any British manor we had encountered before.

Embracing US traditions we set up for the first look.

Contrasting with UK traditions, the American wedding experience begins with the couple sharing an intimate "first look" moment before walking down the aisle to exchange vows. In the grand bedroom of the mansion, Connor and Caite shared their heartfelt vows privately, creating a truly intimate and romantic atmosphere.

As the clock strikes twelve their Cinderella story unfolds. The wedding ceremony itself was reminiscent of a magical Cinderella tale, fit for the pages of a Disney script. With the celebrant's proclamation, "by the power vested in me by the great state of Florida, I now pronounce you husband and wife," Connor and Caite began their happily ever after journey.

Capturing unforgettable moments with them and guests. Using the Luxmore Grand Estate as a stunning backdrop, Nick and the BLOC team ventured around the grounds to capture stunning couples' shots. We later returned to the mansion before heading to Disney's Kidani Village for an evening surrounded by zebra, giraffes, and loved ones.

Continuing the magic, the following morning marked the conclusion of their Disney escapade. Nick, armed with knowledge and insights about Disney's history, took the couple on a filming journey through Epcot before concluding their celebration at the iconic Magic Kingdom. Underneath the majestic castle, they witnessed the spectacular fireworks illuminating the night sky, creating an unforgettable finale to their magical wedding journey.

A timeless tale of love, Connor and Caite's wedding was an unforgettable experience that will be cherished for a lifetime. Their enchanting Disney celebration encapsulated the essence of their love story. As we bid them farewell, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter of their journey into marriage, where their own unique story will unfold, filled with the same magic and wonder that inspired their dream wedding.