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Get To Know About Us

There are many moments in life that happen by pure chance. You can't explain it, you haven't got the words. That feeling, all the stars have aligned and the world just stops.

At our first wedding in 2014, Nick felt that moment, that 'world just stopped' moment, the pure chance of two people saying "I WILL". It was a moment he will never forget. 

Since Gemma and Dan got married on 12 July 2014, weddings have been at the heart of what we do. Our vow to each and every couple is to make sure you are a guest at your wedding day. Our magical team of wedding filmmakers have captured over 300 weddings. Building a story that started the moment you both met, we let your wedding day play out untouched and show you exactly how it all unfolded.

You have a choice when it comes to capturing your day in motion and we are humbled that you have considered BLOC. We will be with you first thing in the morning till last thing at night! This is why it's so important to bond with your videographer. 


Our approach to documenting a wedding is to be as discrete as possible. We respect the magic of a wedding day, for friends and family. Through our approach, we are able to provide the most natural, intimate and emotive moments from your wedding day.

Our cameras are silent and compact, no big video cameras or big microphones and cables. You want your wedding to be captured, but not feel like it’s being interrupted. We make sure we blend in, there’s no direction, posing or cameras pointed in faces, and in stripping all this away, the focus is on the important stuff... creating a collection of magical memories using natural light and cinematic flair.

It all starts with you, hearing your story, so each time the story is completely unique... and we can’t wait to tell yours.