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Since 2014, I've become a cherished part of any celebration. My passion lies in creating connections and drawing out genuine expressions from everyone. With me around, laughter becomes contagious, any awkwardness melts away, and the most intimate moments are caught with heart warming authenticity. I know my way around a Disney park or two or three or four.... and live for the Disney fairy tale magic that a wedding can embody. I go above and beyond, not just to film your day, but to be an integral part of it, sharing jokes, having fun, and making even the smallest moments feel unforgettable.

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I'm NICK. Your new fav Wedding Crasher...


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Having BLOC film your wedding is like inviting a friend who knows exactly how to capture the magic of your special day. Since I started in 2014, my approach has always been about more than just filming; it’s about creating a connection with you, your partner and more importantly your guests, drawing out those genuine expressions and emotions that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. My way for making anyone feel at ease in front of the camera ensures that laughter flows, barriers dissolve, and the most heartfelt, intimate moments are captured with sincerity.

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-Amy Moyse

We couldn’t have had this day without you Nick. Thank you for bringing all the good vibes...

Block out your wedding date with us for free, securing priority booking and peace of mind. Reserving incurs no cost, ensuring you retain your preferred team while you deliberate. Our limited availability guarantees priority booking, without any obligation. This hold simply ensures our availability for your magical day, reflecting our professionalism and commitment to satisfaction. Lock in your wedding date with us today, ensuring your memories are captured flawlessly. Take your time and get to know our films and way of working while your date is waiting for you.

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Our approach is deeply rooted in crafting a cinematic love story that truly embodies the spirit of your magical day. By dedicating time to understand you as a couple, your journey together, and every intricate detail of your wedding plans, we laugh, we cry and oh my do we dance to encapsulate the essence of the "best day ever." Our goal is to produce a film that not only tells your story but is as unique as you are.

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Nick has been a wedding videographer for over a decade, beginning the journey in 2014. Since then, he has had the privilege of capturing the vows of over 800 couples, accompanying them around the globe to capture the fairy-tale that unfolds on film.

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Absolutely, you can be involved in selecting the music for your wedding films. We boast an extensive catalogue from which we curate a bespoke soundtrack, tailored to the theme, tempo, and feel of your day, ensuring your wedding films are as personalised and unique as your wedding.

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On the day, we work alongside your photographer like a duo of rockstars, seamlessly sharing the stage to ensure they have the spotlight for capturing all the crucial moments for your photos, while we skilfully work around them to capture our footage, ensuring a harmonious collaboration that benefits your memories.

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We offer a range of unique and industry-leading packages, developed from over a decade of experience in wedding videography, tailored to provide the best offerings. Our collections are designed to meet diverse needs and expectations, and we are more than happy to customise them to ensure they perfectly align with your vision.

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Our turnaround time for the final wedding films is no more than 6 months (although normally sooner), ensuring quality through dedicated editing, creative focus, and rest between projects to bring out the best in your special day's films. This approach allows us to craft a cinematic masterpiece that truly captures the essence and emotion of your celebration.

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Yes, we come fully prepared to every wedding with multiple cameras and a complete second kit, ensuring we're equipped to handle any unexpected situations and guarantee uninterrupted coverage of your special day.

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To secure your wedding date with us, simply "BLOC" it using the form here on our site. This process takes the date off the table, and we can then begin to get to know each other select the right collection for you and start planning for your special day.

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