When you choose BLOC, you’re not just hiring a videographer—you’re gaining a storyteller, a problem solver, and a friend. Led by Nick, a videographer with a unique journey from aviation to the art of wedding cinematography, BLOC specialises in creating cinematic wedding films that capture the essence of your most cherished moments with the emotional depth and narrative richness of a finely crafted story.
From the moment you inquire about your date, Nick is dedicated to understanding and integrating into the unique fabric of your relationship and wedding day. He believes that the key to capturing authentic and heartfelt moments is building a genuine connection with you long before the big day. This approach ensures that when your wedding day arrives, Nick is not just a vendor at your wedding, but a trusted friend who moves seamlessly throughout the celebration, capturing spontaneous and intimate moments with ease.

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" They were funny, caring and knew what we needed as bride and groom before we did. "

-Emily Setra

Nick’s style is a perfect blend of documentary realism and cinematic artistry, influenced by his passion for country music storytelling and the high-level customer care exemplified by Disney. Whether it's the laughter shared during a heartfelt toast or the quiet moments of anticipation before saying "I do," Nick’s lens focuses on capturing the raw emotions and details that make your wedding uniquely yours. With BLOC, your wedding film will be more than just a video; it will be a beautiful narrative that echoes the depth of your love and the joy of your celebration.

Beyond traditional videography, BLOC offers unique experiences such as the 'Couples Theatre,' where you and your loved ones can relive your wedding day in a private cinema setup, complete with personalized touches that make the viewing as magical as the day itself. For those who want something truly special, Nick can transform your wedding story into a custom soundtrack, turning the emotions and moments of your day into a musical memory you can cherish forever.

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My style is a harmonious blend of documentary and cinematic storytelling. I aim to capture the authentic moments as they unfold while also creating beautifully crafted scenes that look like they're straight out of a movie

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I pride myself on being friendly and approachable, blending in with your guests as if I were just another friend of the family. My goal is to make everyone feel comfortable so I can capture those genuine, spontaneous moments without intrusion.

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I've tackled everything from sewing dresses to rearranging lighting when plans go awry. My extensive experience allows me to adapt quickly and effectively, ensuring that we still capture beautiful footage, no matter the challenge.

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Absolutely! I regularly update my portfolio with recent weddings that showcase a variety of styles and settings. I’d be happy to send you a link to a video that not only reflects my latest work but also aligns closely with your vision.

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From our initial consultation to your wedding day, I take the time to get to know you both, which helps me capture your personalities and the essence of your relationship. After the wedding, I carefully edit your film to ensure it tells your story in a captivating way, delivering a final product that brings your wedding day back to life.

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I start by really listening to your story and understanding what makes your relationship unique. This personalised approach helps me craft a film that’s tailored to your specific desires and highlights the special moments that define your love.

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I'm truly passionate about capturing love stories. Each wedding is a new adventure, a new love story to tell. The excitement, the emotions, and the unique moments of each day drive my passion for creating films that couples will cherish for a lifetime.

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You will receive full personal usage rights to all your final video formats, which include a highlight reel and a full-length film, delivered in digital format. I ensure all videos are easily accessible and stored securely, with options for additional copies if requested.

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As each wedding season approaches, availability becomes limited due to high demand. To ensure that Nick can be part of your wedding journey, early inquiries are encouraged. By securing your date with BLOC, you are ensuring that every laugh, every tear, and every dance is captured and woven into a wedding film that you and your family will treasure for generations.

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