All You Could Ever Need and More With Our Three Collections.


Every couple's wedding day is unique. At BLOC, we understand that no two love stories are the same. That's why our film collections are meticulously crafted to capture the distinct essence of each couple’s magical day. Whether it's the subtle glances exchanged during the ceremony, the laughter shared during speeches, or the dance moves at night, our films are tailored to reflect the uniqueness of your relationship.


The best person I have met on my wedding journey. From the first meeting, the regular email updates and reminders, the call before the wedding and then on the day itself.

-Sarah Amelle


Two Person Team
2-4 min Bespoke Song Trailer
 5+ min Cinematic Short Film
15-20 min Feature Film
Full Ceremony & Speeches Films
Bespoke Keepsake Box & RAW
Memory Maker Guest Messages
Access To Our Fairytale Cinema



One Person Team
 2-4 min Highlights Film
8-10 min Cinematic Short Film

One Person Team
 5+ min Cinematic Short Film
15-20 min Feature Film
Full Ceremony & Speeches Films


Our Collections work for most couples with weddings in the UK,
and those heading to  far away lands.

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We sprinkle a bit of magic throughout our entire process, making each step from booking to film delivery an enchanting experience! From the moment you get in touch, you’re not just planning a wedding video; you’re launching an adventure. Think of us as your friendly guides, helping navigate the thrilling world of wedding storytelling with a smile and a sprinkle of pixie dust. As we capture your day, we’re like discreet magical observers, ensuring every laugh, tear, and dance is woven into a captivating cinematic narrative. And when it’s time to deliver your films, expect nothing less than a fairytale ending, complete with a heartfelt flourish that brings your unforgettable moments back to life. So let’s start this magical journey together and create a wedding film that’s as spellbinding.

The Experience

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We understand how important your wedding day is, and we're here to capture every unforgettable moment. Space on our calendar fills up quickly, so we encourage you to reach out and secure your date as soon as possible. Simply save your date (BLOC YOUR DATE) or use our contact form or give us a call, and we'll start the journey of crafting your personalised wedding film together. Don't miss the chance to have your magical day immortalised by BLOC  —let's create timeless memories together!

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