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 My journey into videography began unexpectedly in 2014 while learning to fly in the US. Armed with a camera initially intended to document my flights, which proved too cumbersome for the cockpit, I faced a pivotal choice. Encouraged by my then-girlfriend (now wife), I pivoted to wedding videography, setting the stage for what has become a deeply fulfilling career. I am drawn to stories with the twists and turns of life, much like those in a Disney film. Weddings are a rich tapestry of such stories—each one a unique blend of past journeys and future dreams. Capturing these raw, emotional, and honest narratives fuels my passion, as I strive to preserve the essence of each couple’s special day.

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Understanding each couple’s unique story is fundamental. Learning about your shared history and the impact you’ve had on each other allows me to capture genuine, heartfelt expressions. Whether tackling unexpected challenges or sharing a laugh, I’m there to make every moment count—not just as a videographer, but as an integral part of your celebration. At BLOC, we believe in building relationships. Every couple’s story is unique, and capturing it authentically means becoming a part of your journey. My approach is discreet and tailored, ensuring that your wedding film reflects the true essence of your day, captured through a lens of intimacy and familiarity.

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When not capturing weddings, I have been known to produce mini-documentaries in picturesque locales like Spain, Italy, and the UK, and create content for renowned US networks such as Disney, ABC, NBC, and PBS. When not behind the camera, I'm immersed in the vibrant storytelling of country music concerts or indulging in the wonder of Disney and their parks with my wife  Danni. These passions deeply influence my videography, adding layers of narrative richness and a flair for enchanting details to every project.

From disney to Sports action we are fortunite to have grown into the media world.

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